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Welcome to the Poison Bottle QuiltAlong!

Poison Bottle Quilt

Poison Bottle Quilt


I will be offering one block (two bottles) here each month, beginning October 15, 2015.  Each pattern in the BOM will be released on the 15th of the month and will be free for two months.  After the free two-month period, each pattern will be available for sale in my shop.

General instructions are here as a free download.  General finishing instructions will be posted near the end of the 12 month period.

I have designed 12 blocks, showcasing 25 rare and unusual poison bottles. These designs are based on real antique poison bottles.  As I release each pattern, I will tell a little about the history of each of the bottles on my blog, show my in-progress photos, show tutorials of embellishment techniques, and give variation ideas.

I have invited many quilting friends to share their personal interpretations of my blocks. I hope you will visit their blogs each month and see how they envision my designs.

I invite you to upload your finished block each month in my flickr group.


Poison Bottle General Block Instructions

poison bottle finishing instructions

For more detailed instructions, please click on the blog tab above.

October 2015: Block One

Flask, Offset Neck-for sale here

November 2015: Block Two

quilted stopper, Sercsol Elliott-for sale here

December 2015: Block Three

Gold Ribbed, Tippers Animal medicine-for sale here

January 2016: Block Four

AL Ogg, Green Skull-for sale here

February 2016: Block Five

Neuraline, Wasp waist-for sale here

March 2016: Block Six

Lysol bottle, Tinc nuc vom-for sale here

April 2016: Block Seven

Fingerhold, Admiralty Arrow-for sale here

May 2016: Block Eight

Martin’s U -bend, Gilbertson’s wedge-for sale here

June 2016: Block Nine

gold coffin, bluetop flagon-for sale here

July 2016: Block Ten

submarine, slug-for sale here

August 2016: Block Eleven

purple prism

blue skull

September 2016: Block Twelve



Finishing instructions can be found on my blog here!