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Mounting Art Quilts on Stretched Canvas-My Method

I have seen many methods for mounting art quilts onto a stretched canvas, cradle board or other substrates. But most of the ones I found used a permanent adhesive. I needed to mount my thirty art quilts for my solo show with some method that was easily reversible and involved no adhesive. Fast, easy and […]

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Windsock Arms Pub Night

Last night at the College Park Aviation Museum, I had the pleasure of leading the activity at the Windsock Arms Pub Night. This is a monthly event at the museum. You can beat a fun relaxed evening with fantastic food and drinks for $10! As the “guest of honor,” I was asked to pick a […]

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Aviation Museum Outreach Programs

One of the most amazing aspects of having my first solo show at the ┬áCollege Park Aviation Museum is being able to plug into their already existing public outreach programs. ┬áThe museum has welcomed me to participate in any of their regularly scheduled and special activities. These programs vary from a brown bag lunch lecture […]

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pojagi I

Aviation Quilts: Pojagi

Pojagi (or bojagi or jogakbo) is a method of Korean patchwork, using flat felled seams that are fully enclosed on front and back, similar to a French seam used in garment sewing. Equally used and valued by Korean peasants, working classes, and royalty, these multipurpose textiles combined functionality, aesthetic, and craftsmanship. They served a variety […]

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small yellow propeller 8 x 8

Aviation Quilt: Yellow Propeller

Yellow Propeller 8 x 8 cotton fabric, cotton and rayon thread Machine sewn and quilted This quilt depicts the front end and propeller of a Curtiss Jenny. This is the last quilt I completed for this exhibition. I think it’s one of the most successful, and from feedback I’ve received, it’s one of the most […]

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large Struts 24 x 18

Aviation Quilt: Over and Under

Over and Under 24 x 18 cotton fabric, cotton thread Machine and hand sewn, hand appliqued, and machine quilted This quilt depicts the wooden structure from the wing of the Bleriot XI airplane. I was drawn to the repetitive patterns and graceful lines. I made lines using a method for making bias stems for floral […]

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small single red propeller 8 x 8

Aviation Quilt: Single Red Propeller

Single Red Propeller 8 x 8 cotton fabric, cotton and rayon thread Machine sewn, machine and hand quilted A hand-marbled piece of fabric was my choice for the highly reflective metal of this Monocoupe propeller. I added lines of hand quilting to indicate the ceiling structures.

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small Balanced 8 x 8

Aviation Quilt: Balanced

Balanced 8 x 8 cotton fabric, cotton and rayon thread, beads Machine sewn and quilted, hand embellished I am really in love with the metal caps on these propellers. I love interpreting the texture with sequins and beads. This quilt is a detail of a propeller believed to have been on a Handly-Page or Martin […]

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small two brown propellers 8 x 8

Aviation Quilt: Two Brown Propellers

Two Brown Propellers 8 x 8 cotton fabric, cotton and rayon thread Machine sewn and quilted Details of two propellers, and the interesting composition formed by background lines. Working in a format as small as 8×8 has a lot of challenges.

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Large Gas Tank 18 x 24

Aviation Quilt: Gas Tank

Gas Tank 18 x 24 cotton fabric, cotton and rayon thread Machine sewn and quilted Detail based on the Wayne Gas Pump, one of the few remaining artifacts of the Croom airfield. It remains in the museum’s collections and is undergoing restoration. As soon as I saw it on display last year, I wanted to […]

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