History of Block Nine: Gold Coffin and Bluetop Flagon

The bluetop flagon is a stoneware crock, whereas all we’ve examined so far have been made of glass. Very few have been found in the last 20 years.  They were made by building up rings of clay to form a vessel, which was then glazed and fired. The rings were not smoothed out, and this gave the flagon a ridged surface for gripping.















The small gold coffin bottle was a reproduction made by Wheaton Glass in New Jersey in 1971.


Each bottle was embossed with a C and 71 next to it and on the bottom of every Wheaton bottle was stamped the word “Wheaton”.  The bottle features a skull and crossbones on a casket shape. The bottles have bumps in the glass like a real coffin nails. The 3″ bottles were made in ruby, blue, topaz (gold) and green. At least one clear exists as well.    The larger 5.5″ R.I.P bottles were made in green and amethyst.

coffin poison bottle


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