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Handmaid Harriet

Handmaid Harriet-Free Pattern

Have you been watching the new tv series based on Margaret Atwood’s novel The Handmaid’s Tale? I read the novel 20-some-odd years ago, but the nightmarish possibilities held within seem closer to reality nowadays. I decided to make a quilt inspired by Offred and her friends. It’s a riff on a classic Sunbonnet Sue quilt […]

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Mounting Art Quilts on Stretched Canvas-My Method

I have seen many methods for mounting art quilts onto a stretched canvas, cradle board or other substrates. But most of the ones I found used a permanent adhesive. I needed to mount my thirty art quilts for my solo show with some method that was easily reversible and involved no adhesive. Fast, easy and […]

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Windsock Arms Pub Night

Last night at the College Park Aviation Museum, I had the pleasure of leading the activity at the Windsock Arms Pub Night. This is a monthly event at the museum. You can beat a fun relaxed evening with fantastic food and drinks for $10! As the “guest of honor,” I was asked to pick a […]

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Aviation Museum Outreach Programs

One of the most amazing aspects of having my first solo show at the ┬áCollege Park Aviation Museum is being able to plug into their already existing public outreach programs. ┬áThe museum has welcomed me to participate in any of their regularly scheduled and special activities. These programs vary from a brown bag lunch lecture […]

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pojagi I

Aviation Quilts: Pojagi

Pojagi (or bojagi or jogakbo) is a method of Korean patchwork, using flat felled seams that are fully enclosed on front and back, similar to a French seam used in garment sewing. Equally used and valued by Korean peasants, working classes, and royalty, these multipurpose textiles combined functionality, aesthetic, and craftsmanship. They served a variety […]

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small yellow propeller 8 x 8

Aviation Quilt: Yellow Propeller

Yellow Propeller 8 x 8 cotton fabric, cotton and rayon thread Machine sewn and quilted This quilt depicts the front end and propeller of a Curtiss Jenny. This is the last quilt I completed for this exhibition. I think it’s one of the most successful, and from feedback I’ve received, it’s one of the most […]

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large Struts 24 x 18

Aviation Quilt: Over and Under

Over and Under 24 x 18 cotton fabric, cotton thread Machine and hand sewn, hand appliqued, and machine quilted This quilt depicts the wooden structure from the wing of the Bleriot XI airplane. I was drawn to the repetitive patterns and graceful lines. I made lines using a method for making bias stems for floral […]

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small single red propeller 8 x 8

Aviation Quilt: Single Red Propeller

Single Red Propeller 8 x 8 cotton fabric, cotton and rayon thread Machine sewn, machine and hand quilted A hand-marbled piece of fabric was my choice for the highly reflective metal of this Monocoupe propeller. I added lines of hand quilting to indicate the ceiling structures.

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small Balanced 8 x 8

Aviation Quilt: Balanced

Balanced 8 x 8 cotton fabric, cotton and rayon thread, beads Machine sewn and quilted, hand embellished I am really in love with the metal caps on these propellers. I love interpreting the texture with sequins and beads. This quilt is a detail of a propeller believed to have been on a Handly-Page or Martin […]

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small two brown propellers 8 x 8

Aviation Quilt: Two Brown Propellers

Two Brown Propellers 8 x 8 cotton fabric, cotton and rayon thread Machine sewn and quilted Details of two propellers, and the interesting composition formed by background lines. Working in a format as small as 8×8 has a lot of challenges.

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