Aviation Quilt: Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow

18 x 24

cotton fabric, cotton and rayon thread, fabric paint

Machine sewn and quilted

This composition explores the lack of distinction between foreground and background. How do you use fabric to illustrate soft, blurry edges, and lost and found lines?

There are a few hand painted details, and a really odd fabric I found on a discount table at some quilt show. It’s a textured black with tiny metallic silver script.

I quilted this piece so much, it might stand up on its own!

This quilt is the image that is on most of the marketing materials for my solo show at the College Park Aviation Museum.

Come back tomorrow for another exciting installment!  I’ll be highlighting one of my aviation quilts each day for the month of April.

All quilts are for sale. Contact me for sales information.

If you can’t attend my exhibition in person, I do have catalogs for sale on amazon. If you wonder what the inspiration photos look like, many are included in the book.

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