My First Aviation Quilt

The question I was asked the most at the reception Thursday was “How on earth did you get started making these aviation themed quilts??”

I took my sons to the College Park Aviation Museum frequently when they were very young. It is an expansive, kid-friendly space perfect for getting out some pent-up energy on rainy days. While my boys were playing with the manipulatives in the hands-on room or building with legos in the middle of the exhibit floor, I could sneak in a mini photo session. I took many photos of the interesting textures and shapes at the museum. Most shots were close-ups of propellers and engines and little details on the plane bodies.

Fast forward many years. I took an online course with Katie Pasquini Masopust about color and composition. I needed some thematic inspiration and I went through all my old random photographs on my computer. I found the hundreds of snaps from the aviation museum and knew I’d found my muse.

First Propeller
12 x 16
cotton fabric, cotton and rayon thread, fabric paint
Machine sewn and quilted, hand printed fabric

This quilt is the first one I made in this series. It is an abstraction of a Curtiss Jenny propeller. I love the challenge of finding fabrics and embellishments to represent the wood grain and the metal hardware on airplanes.

The small circular shapes are hand-stamped with fabric paint using the head of a bolt I found in the hardware drawer, and one of my kids’ old toys that was shaped like a bolt.

I chose some marbled fabric for the propeller to give a wood-grain effect. I enjoyed quilting a wood grain pattern.

Stay tuned on the blog. I’ll be highlighting one of my aviation quilts each day for the month of April.

All quilts are for sale. Contact me for sales information.

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