Windsock Arms Pub Night

Last night at the College Park Aviation Museum, I had the pleasure of leading the activity at the Windsock Arms Pub Night. This is a monthly event at the museum. You can beat a fun relaxed evening with fantastic food and drinks for $10!

As the “guest of honor,” I was asked to pick a cocktail for the evening. I chose Rusty Nails, since it was a favorite of my mom and dad. It also seemed appropriate in a museum full of metal machinery! I’d never tasted it with bitters before. I really enjoyed it…the bitters take the super-sweet edge off the drambuie.

Inspired by my art quilts which are on display at the museum right now, we made fabric collages. I led folks who knew little to nothing about quilting through the very basic steps of making a fused art quilt.

We made some messes, some laughs and some great art!

The best part, for me, of leading an activity like this, with adults or kids, is that each participant brings some small spark of an idea, an innovation, a twist on what we’re doing. It’s so interesting to hear others’ ideas, and then I get to take those ideas home and learn from them!

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