Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop 2017

This is my THIRD YEAR participating in this fantastic blog hop hosted by Cheryl Sleboda. I love participating. I am such a deadline-driven person! Having a blog date makes me get in there and work!

The blog hop is very timely for me this year. We are about to renovate our master bathroom, and we’re enlarging it into what is now our bedroom space. We’ll be losing over 30 square feet in the bedroom which means a total rearrangement of the bedroom furniture and workspace. To help us prepare to rearrange, my husband took lots of measurements and taped off the floor.

taping off floor space

My first goal was to move my six-drawer cabinet into the bottom of this closet. The cabinet was where our new bed will be eventually.

It always gets worse before it gets better with this kind of rearranging.

The cats were very confused and interested!

Those two blue bins were shoved way back in the back of that closet. They are full of garment and home dec fabrics, and I have to go through them and decide what to keep. They are temporarily living in my son’s closet. They’ve been replaced for now with two guitar cases and some shipping boxes.

The cabinet fit into the space nicely. I took the opportunity to go through my garment sewing patterns. They were living in two of those drawers. My goal was to pare down to one drawer of patterns.










We’ll be gaining a lot of storage space in the new master bathroom, which means an almost empty hall closet where our linens and toiletries are stored now. So I will eventually have a new home for some of my sewing stuff. But for now, everything is in massive limbo.

The ironing board with the big board on top went into the empty space where the cabinet was. That wall is where our new (smaller) bed will be next week. The filing cabinet will move to another room. My sewing table and the bookshelf will move to the other side of the room.


I think we’re going to re-paint the bedroom while we’re moving things around as well. Come back to the blog in June, and I’ll post photos after we get everything settled! (And our fancy new master bath!)

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  1. Doni Boyd May 20, 2017 at 10:44 pm #

    In the middle of large rearrange projects – I feel so “Obi-one Kanobi you’re our only hope!!” BUT you can really see where you’re headed here. Good luck! doni in a very small condo @ Oregon coast

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