Poison Bottle Halloween Wreath

I have seen some very cute Halloween wreaths around the internet neighborhood lately. I really wanted to try using some of my poison bottle patterns to make one for myself!

completed wreath

I started by reducing my patterns by 25 to 50%, depending on the pattern.  I traced the patterns onto the matte side of some freezer paper scraps and carefully cut them out.  I ironed the freezer paper shapes onto the pretty side of four different Halloween fabrics. I rough cut the shapes so they would all fit onto a 9″ x 12″ sheet of Phoomph.

freezer paper

I removed the paper from one side of my Phoomph to expose the adhesive. I applied the back side of my fabric shapes to the sticky Phoomph, and pressed it down evenly.


I carefully cut out the shapes along the outlines of the freezer paper templates, and removed them.

cut out

I thought I would try stitching the bottles a bit at this point. The Phoomph product has a paper backing covering adhesive on *both* sides, but since my craft project required a non-sticky back I left the back paper on as I stitched.


I did a bit of free motion stitching. A small amount of adhesive stuck to my sewing machine needle, but it was pretty easy to sew through.

I used a large hatpin to stick two holes through the middle of the bottle shapes and ran about three inches of floral wire through the holes and gave it a twist on the back side. The wire made it easy to apply to my wreath!


I hope you like the wreath as much as I do! I might make a few more, because this was so fun!


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