Quilt as you Go Row by Row

Are you participating in the Row by Row Experience?

I love to use quilt as you go techniques for finishing large quilts on my domestic sewing machine. I don’t own a longarm. Sometimes I don’t feel like paying someone to quilt for me. Although I do enjoy sewing on one, I don’t really want to spend a ton of money renting time on a longarm at local quilt shops.

I wrote up instructions for finishing my Poison Bottle Quilt using quilt as you go techniques. I think these techniques would be perfect for a row quilt!

The sashing that joins the quilted sections together can be a real design element. You can use a solid strip, like this lovely example.


The sashing strip can be made of pieced units (the row of triangles in the following example), or some other decorative element.


There are several techniques out there taught by several people. I really like Sharon Pederson’s techniques in her book Reversible Quilts: Two at a Time.

Consider putting together your rows using a quilt-as-you-go techniques!


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